The visit in thermal pools is highly recommended both in winter and in summer.
Not far away from PARYZANKA Guesthouse, there are thermal pools in Bukowina Tatrzańska. It is a modern, beautifully situated complex built in the regional style. There are lots of water attractions, like: 12 swimming pools, saunas, SPA, and water slides for children. The temperature of the water is approximately 28°C - 36°C. The pools are filled with mineral water which can be used for curing and rehabilitation purposes.

Other thermal pools are located in Szaflary (10 minutes’ drive from Paryzanka). In Tatra Therms, there are a lot of water attractions for the guests such as: needle-baths, special benches for water massage, special couches and benches for air massage, water hedgehogs and geysers and devices for neck massage with narrow and wide flows. The temperature of the water is approximately 30°C - 38°C. Taking a bath in the pools is good for a  variety treatments including rheumatism, skin problems and neurosis.